Kaltura Video Platform (14.8.0)

Getting Started With Your Deployment

Kaltura CE Intro Video

Take a look at this short video presented by Zohar Babin, Kaltura VP Platform and Community, and get some tips and tricks for how to get started with your new Kaltura Community Edition.

The Kaltura Admin Console
Admin Your Platform Backend

The Admin Console makes it easy to manage your Kaltura backend and administer Kaltura accounts. View and access all accounts, manage permissions, register new accounts using templates, view usage reports for each account or the entire group, manage backend services and investigate jobs, and more. Learn more about the Admin Console.

As your first step, login to the Admin Console using the credentials provided during the installation, and create a new Kaltura account.

KMC: Kaltura Management Console
Manage Specific Accounts

The KMC is a comprehensive media management application. Perform bulk ingestion/upload, create transcoding profiles, manage metadata and categories, design and configure players, create playlists, view analytics, configure live streaming, distribute content across the web, configure ad campaigns, control access to media, manage your account, users, entitlements and permissions, and much more. Learn more about the KMC application.

Once you have created a Kaltura account in the Admin Console, login to the KMC to get started!

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